Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thrift Store Thursday ICAD 29 and 30

Today was busy but I did stop at the little thrift on my way to the big city. I found this cute box of thread and this beautiful tiny teacup. I think it will make a beautiful pin cushion, don't you? I think it's funny that I really don't sew very much at all but I keep finding these great old sewing treasures. But I do re purpose them into my creations so I'm always glad to find them.

I also wanted to post my Index Cards Of The day for 29 and 30. We had to go out of town and stopped on our way home for dinner at an amazing Thai restaurant. You know how every once in a while you have that perfect meal? We both had the best curry we've ever had so that inspired card 29. I also found out I have some tough new dietary restrictions to follow that will make me feel better's a new way of life. ( probably why the one last curry was so incredible!) That inspired card 30.


Zoechaos said...

How lovely to find the perfect curry how sad that your dietary restrictions mean it is now on your no no list. So enjoying your index cards fabulous record.

Thrift shop finds pin cushion cup will look fantastic and wonderfully imaginative. Have fun


Georgie Horn said...

I love your ICADs!

Meggymay said...

Great finds, the little cup is a beauty, glad you found a good cutty to enjoy. Yvonne xx

Lynn Stevens said...

ohhh are those all old wooden spools in the bag? great find and yes that would make the perfect little pincushion.
Great cards, esp the You've been warned one. LOL
Hugs Lynn