Monday, July 26, 2010

Compendium Of Curiosities 7 The House Call

Another week gone by and another lesson at StudioL3 for the Compendium Of Curiosities this one. Thanks Linda! This was a lesson in making fragments look old. You can get a copy of Tim's book and play along. It has been so much fun. I used many inks and several little watch parts on this piece. You may be able to see them if you look closely. I got a bag of them on Etsy and it did say the biggest ones were 3/16" ! I realize I am ancient now because I can't see anything tiny anymore....getting old is not for sissies as my dad used to say!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

MMM The Summer Dance Dress Up

I found this great site called Alice and Camilla.....there is an ongoing monthly Dress Up challenge and the dresses are all so wonderful. I am starting late in July but plan to try and do one a week for a while to catch up. This was FUN! I had so many ideas about what I wanted to do but when I saw the pack of..yes, you guessed it, TEAL napkins, that was it. I really did consider peach and purple but teal is just always my favorite. Maybe I'll do peach next week.....
Update....Steve walked in my studio, saw the dress and said "You sure do use that color a must be your favorite" Well yeah! I do use green and teal very often. I also love glitter and shiny too so I think this qualifies for my Mixed Media Monday favorite things piece as well. Thanks Cindy for the idea to use this as my entry there as well. Her's is so lovely.
Anyway go take a peek at both sites. They are both wonderful !

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Three Muses Postal Art Letters

The Three Muses had a postal challenge this week and I decided to use one of my favorite stamps from PSX. The image is a Flickr photo from a library in Miami. I used chalks to color,

TH fired brick, spiced marmalade, mustard inks and another stamp from A Stamp In The Hand.
Now let's see if I can do a hyperlink tonight. My photo gremlin invited his hyperlink cousin to visit this week and I could not get any of my links to work! Period. It is possible that I may have forgotten how to do all these things in the year I was away but I prefer to blame the gremlins. :) Thanks for looking...

Compendium Of Curiosities 6 Play Collage

This week at Linda's Compendium Of Curiosities we worked on collage tags. I used a a chipboard frame as my covered piece. I am hoarding my TH numbers...I know, I quote one of my favorite rubber stamps "You can't have everything..Where would you put it?"

This was great fun and when I use my favorite colors teal and green I also do not know when to stop. I can imagine this little cartoon animation of myself with blue and green ink, flowers and stamps all flying around my head as I go into a frenzy of creative joy! Also in this frenzy of creative joy I managed to make it a tag that must be read from 3 angles. My little interactive gift to you...LOL! Can't wait to go see what everyone did!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

PlayThings MMM

This is my piece for Mixed Media Monday. The theme is Play Things. I used an image I had from Flickr but I don't know the source anymore. The cartoon figures are from old tin whistles
The background is a Tim Holtz paper and an old harlequin SU stamp.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On The Go.....

This was my first magic carpet...I felt like I could go anywhere! Unstoppable! This is my entry for Three Muses. This is a page out of my journal. I am a too little foggy headed from my cold to be as creative as I would like today but thought this page was just right!

Compendium Of Curiosities 5 Distress Embossing

This is my tag from the lesson of the week at StudioL3 Compendium Of Curiosities challenge. I used Antique Linen embossing powder, Shabby Shutters, Bundled Sage and Faded Jeans. I couldn't resist embossing the number with some Broken China. I did 2 of these first because I can't seem to get much of the powder to release. Anyone else find that happening?

I had intended just to do technique tags and make a booklet at the end of the challenge but I love some of the beautiful work I'm seeing and may have to branch out ! Thanks for looking...can't wait to see everyone's projects!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Blue Secrets

This is my piece for Mixed Media Monday. I know it seems a little morbid...maybe its because I got a cold this weekend and I'm slightly grumpy! This is for my secrets journal I've been working on. I've got "secrets" stuck in my creative loop I think! Actually it's a song I heard called "Secrets"'s by a band called Pierce. Whatever happened to solid names like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin...oh never mind :) I guess it's all perspective, right? I'm putting a link to the video here just in case you want to hear it. Steve is entirely over me wandering around the house this weekend singing this song. Especially since I have this cold. I'm sure I sound like a cat caught in a tree. LOL!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Three Muses Rusty Secrets

Well it's been awhile since I played on Three Muses but I always loved doing this challenge and I'm happy I finished my piece tonight and could share it.

Compendium Of Curiosities 4 Shabby Fly Tag

Here is my tag for StudioL3 COC this week. I used a Lettuce and Willow daubers and stamps from Artful Flight and Urban Tapestry. Once again a slight..cough cough...learning curve but love the technique! Then on to more of Nan's adventures in photography. I have a gremlin who shakes, tilts, and fogs up my camera and has the ability to make the sun go away the instant I set up a photo. I decided to let you see my first photo so you can see why I believe in gremlins. LOL.... Thanks for looking!

Monday, July 5, 2010


The Mad Hatter's Other Hat

Gingersnap Creations is having a Once In A Blue Moon challenge this week. I'm guessing this is because there is an extra Wednesday in the month and they do something different and fun. This was a CASE...copy and steal everything... challenge. We picked our favorite design from one of the GS designers and copied it. This was a really a fun challenge for me. I loved Lynn Steven's Mad Hatter card the moment I saw it and instantly knew it was what I wanted to do. I took her idea and decided to make it very bright but with the high contrast I loved in her piece which you can see here. This is the Mad Hatter's Other Hat which he keeps in the closet for those very special occasions.

I also used this for Mixed Media Monday because their challenge is Something Borrowed and I not only borrowed this theme from Lynn but I borrowed the skyline stamp from Isabelle and the idea to use it on MMM from Willie. Thanks! :) I have missed doing MMM a lot and will be doing many more of the weekly themes there!

Sorry for the crookedy photo but it's night as usual and I'll put a better one up tomorrow if we have a sunny day and then this sentence will magically disappear. :) Thanks for looking!