Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thrift Store Thursday

Well, the truth is I have become a crafting pack rat...big shocker to those who know me and have seen my stash! :) Anyway I am just going to accept this and share my great finds here in the hopes I find fellow thrift store devotees. I love to see what goodies everyone else finds as well! We live pretty far away from town so when I have an errand or weekly doctor visit I try to go to Michaels or a thrift shop. It seems to make the long drive feel less dreary, worth it, so to speak. Anyway this week I got a wonderful french dictionary, a beautiful 1936 Websters dictionary with the gold leaf trim and 4 other french books. Quite the find for this area. I paid $4.50 for all my books...big smile!
I also got a Moleskine journal for 50 cents. It has musical instruments embossed on the cover. Love it. Then..pause for effect...a whole bag of vintage crepe paper (one of my favs)! I so love using that stuff and a bit of aging makes it even better. I like to spray it with Glimmer Mist or Shimmerz. last but not least a bag full of great old sewing bits and pieces. Anyway I'm $17.96 poorer but can you tell I'm happy tonight? I'm sure some of this will turn up in my next project. maybe the green theme at Summer Of Color! :) Nan


Lynn Stevens said...

I'm right there with you Nan, I'm such a pack rat, boxes of stuff I still need to put away.
Great finds though, esp the sewing stuff!
hugs Lynn

Meggymay said...

Fantastic bargains, sure you will have loads of fun with your goodies. Yvonne x

Zoechaos said...

Oh yes if you see it you have to get it because it's day will come LOL and it's day does come so nothing wrong in stocking up LOL

Fantastic bargains no wonder you are thrilled to bits. XOXO Zoe

Lynn said...

LOL Nan, Wish I would have been with you!! Glad you found your French books...I'll be waiting to see what works into your green creation!! :o)
Did you know they are closing or closed CARC :(
Take care My Friend...get the creative juices flowing! Love you, Lynn

Marilyn Rock said...

Oh; you found some wonderful and artful treasures Nan! We lost our flea-market store, here, in our area and I feel lost without it. I have to wait until Fall until a church, near us, has it's annual flea market and it's usually a good one! Love all the things shown here! Enjoy! xxoo

TwoHeartsPath said...

New Toys to play with!!! Too Much Fun...Love All Your Cool Finds!! Have a Ball!! Patti

Joanna said...

Those books are WONDERFUL! Superb haul from your thrift shop.