Thursday, December 23, 2010

ACK! I can't have a cold for Christmas!!!!!

It doesn't say anything in the " Life Is A Verb" book about taking a break from the 37 day challenge if you have the worst head cold ever. ;0( Don't remember ever having a cold hit me so hard and fast!
I may take a brief hiatus from the studio until after Christmas or after this bug goes away, which ever comes first!
Anyway I took a break from being grumpy & snorty to make my day 11 collage. I am often inspired by packaging to not only buy things but create things. This was the package from Pepperidge Farm's Snowball cookies. Too pretty to just toss. And as pretty as the package was I didn't like them! Goes to show you that you really can't judge a book by it's cover... LOL!
Hope you all are having a good week and I wish all my blogging friends a very happy and healthy holiday. Be back soon I hope!

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