Sunday, May 29, 2011

Agh...Blogger Is Making Me Crazy !

Or maybe just a little crazier than usual. :) I am so appreciative of the kind comments left on my blog this week and I am reading them but have not been able to leave a comment anywhere this week except with Terry for some reason. On top of that some of the wonderful comments that you all were so kind to leave me just disappeared when I ok'ed them. Is it time to move to Typepad or somewhere else???? Would hate to leave my years of blog here behind but.... Maybe they will get this fixed for good soon. :( Nan


Missouri's Lilac said...

I know it has been CRAZY this last few weeks. Thanks for stopping by and THANKS A BUNCH for adding my shop to your circle. I had no idea what a circle was. LOL!! But I will get the whole Etsy thing soon, (I hope).

Terry said...

You might be able to comment on my blog, because I unchecked the keep me signed in! That is the only way I can comment. Some people say it is fixed, but I don't see it! Oh and I have been losing my followers on and off! Well, we aren't crazy this time!

Marilyn Rock said...

AGH! Blogger is driving us nuts! I just have been able to sign in and post. Anyway - congrats on your first Etsy sale!