Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Green Tea...Shaken Not Stirred

Is it just me or is the world getting dumbed down??? I was recently gifted with a Starbucks gift card. Thanks Gail (waving !!!) and decided that even though I don't drink coffee they must have some incredible tea, right? I love tea and although I do seriously love sweet tea I am open minded to more exotic teas. :) Anyway I went into the church of coffee today and saw Shaken Tea on the menu. I'm thinking this must be some awesome creation and waited in great anticipation. I asked the guy "So, Starbucks guy, what is this amazing Shaken Tea?" And he says in all seriousness as only a supreme Starbucks barista can "It's concentrated tea, we add water and ice and then we SHAKE it..!" Ok you can figure the rest from there. I will only say that I waited til I got outside to start giggling and that mood carried on thru the rest of the day. And feeling giggly all day, that's a good thing. Oh and the tea was good.......

My painting class with Wyanne is still a WIP which I am enjoying. She asked us to relax and do something nice for ourselves before our next assignment and I decided to make a Valentine necklace. So here it is.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What I Did This Month :)

I've been taking a painting class called Paint Free with Wyanne. It's a wonderful class and I'm learning to stop being such a perfectionist......I think...maybe! Anyway it's been such a great learning experience and I recommend it to anyone looking to grow creatively. Wyanne is a wonderful teacher and very patient :) Anyway here's a look at my 30 minute quick painting above and my collage piece below.

Believe it or not this painting above turned into this collage piece below! I've really enjoyed this process. I was surprised to find that I like this Kitty very much, even after my struggle to create him and he sits above my art table to make me smile.

Just For Fun Cupcake Inchie

I just did this little inch art for my friends for our inchie swap group at Scrappy Papers and then I saw that Zoe and her friends have a new challenge blog called Just For Fun. The theme for the month is Wings...specifically Heartfelt Wings this week. So the last inchie I posted and this one definately fit the bill. This looks like a wonderful challenge with great themes.

I have missed doing challenges the past few months. This month I've been taking a painting class called Paint Free with Wyanne and I think I've been putting all my creative energy there. We had an abstract art assignment this week that made my heart race just a bit. So out of my comfort zone but definately firing up the create juices. Maybe I'll get brave and post some of those paintings soon!

Big smiles..Nan