Thursday, February 3, 2011

What I Did This Month :)

I've been taking a painting class called Paint Free with Wyanne. It's a wonderful class and I'm learning to stop being such a perfectionist......I think...maybe! Anyway it's been such a great learning experience and I recommend it to anyone looking to grow creatively. Wyanne is a wonderful teacher and very patient :) Anyway here's a look at my 30 minute quick painting above and my collage piece below.

Believe it or not this painting above turned into this collage piece below! I've really enjoyed this process. I was surprised to find that I like this Kitty very much, even after my struggle to create him and he sits above my art table to make me smile.


Cheryl said...

oh these are great hun,love the colurs you have used love cheryl xxxx

Netty said...

woo hoo you posted them am so pleased you plucked up the courage Nan as they are fab. Such great colours in the painting and loving the collages as well. Way to go girlfriend, look forward to seeing more. Have fun, Annette x

Marilyn Rock said...

So glad you're enjoying Wyanne's class; it shows in your creations!

Faye said...

All 3 are delightful. The colors are so bright and beautiful, Nan.

Donna Heart said...

I had a ball doing Wyanne's Paint Free class - she is a gifted teacher. And I love your kitty - beautiful! Can't wait to see more!
X Donna

Jennifer Snellings said...

Hi Nan!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments! It looks like you are having a great time in Wyanne's Paint Free class! I've taken several classes with her and have loved each one! She is such an amazing teacher!!

I love your artwork! Especially your pink kitty!! Isn't it amazing how you can start with a painting looking one way in the beginning and then ending up looking so totally different when you finish! Love the adventure of that!! :)

Looking forward to seeing more of your work!! :)

Take care,

Lynn Stevens said...

Its always great to try new things, mix it up a little, fun pieces!

Terry said...

Loving your paintings! How fun to take a class that not only do you learn, but enjoy!