Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Moment To Remember A Friend..LYLAS Deb

I had forgotten how life can change in a instant....I lost my growing up, unconditional love, best friend this week. She died very suddenly with no warning from a brain aneurysm. We were preparing to celebrate our shared birthdays this weekend as we are a week apart and try to see each other every year. I have had a lot of other things going on this year but to lose such a dear friend so suddenly puts most everything in perspective and in a different light. There's not a moment to be lost in this life. Let the people you love know it right now, everyday....

I miss you many firsts we shared. You were one of the bright shiny people and the world is worse off for having lost you. I am worse off for having lost you. I am done with tears now and I am moving on to celebrate your life this weekend as we were planning on doing. This is a photo I love of us when we were 14 and off to the Charles Chips Christmas party your parents had every year. We were so fancy and felt so glamorous. I remember it like it was yesterday. Dana, Tom, Carla, Harriet, David, Karl ....let's all just keep on loving her the way she loved us. Unconditionally

I'll be back in a while after I regroup and can think creatively. I wish you all very peaceful loving holidays with those you love most.


Lynn Stevens said...

Words can not begin to express my deepest sorrow for your loss of your best friend. Sharing your Birthday together and celebrating her life will keep her memory alive. I'm sure she watching over you and was blessed to have you as her best friend. hugs

JgWM said...


I am sorry that I have not been in touch and so much has happened in your life. What a shock this must have been to you. I was reading you daily happy thoughts. I definetly need to try something in that direction. I think we all need to go out to lunch again. I am off Sundays and Mondays.

Talk to you soon!