Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Rainy Restful Day...Ahhhh

It is a bit soggy thunder or lightning, just a slow steady sleepy rain. I have been blog hopping today and catching up with everyone. I love how I start somewhere and suddenly here I am 290 blogs later reading just one more creative thing. Can only do this once in a while because I get overloaded with too much information and my brain just locks up. :)

I did spend a little time getting the rest of my little work corner cleaned up so I can start my Paint Free class with Wyanne next week. I can't wait. Love her work and have been looking forward to this since November. I wasn't able to start the class then because we were out of town and had no internet. But now I am so ready. Here's my clean corner! :) Nan


Joanne Huffman said...

I'm very impressed wioth your tidy space (I have a hard time doing tidy - my art materials and pieces go through the house like an unstoppable lava flow).

wyanne said...

Wow...what a great place to work! I hope you are inspired by the class and creating lots of wonderful new things! Thanks for joining me. Love, Wyanne

Marva said...

Oh my gosh you are organized! You would have a cow if you saw my art table! LOL!