Monday, April 25, 2011


I love April. I grew up in Florida and the heat can get crazy hot, especially the area I live in now which has no ocean breeze to cool us down. April is the one month that we get some cool sunny spring days and I love it. I feel a bit like I'm coming out of hibernation, physically and creatively.

We clean cleaned our front porch this weekend and I am posting a few pictures to look back on in the blazing summer months to remind me of cool mornings with the door open and hearing all the birds splashing around in our mini pond.

I have been on another complete studio overhaul once again. Not quite sure I ever quite finished the first go around to be honest. When I brought home the "perfect" cabinet it never fit quite right so we ended up pulling 75% of the contents of the studio out this month and moving the cabinet into it's permanent home. Anyone who does paper crafts or mixed media of any kind will understand immediately what that means! My husband looked the amazing variety of supplies I have and asked me this rational question. "What do other artists in do? Do they buy just what they need for a project, use it and then get what they need for the next project? It seemed so much easier when you were just a painter." This IS a logical question to most people but of course explaining that why we need a little bit of everything would involve also explaining why that jar of old keys is vital for a future project. Or how the dozen dictionaries in varying stages of perfect vintage aging are crucial to, well, inspiration itself. So anyway I am in the process of learning how to be creative when there is still "some" chaos around me. I do have some physical issues which keep my progress much slower than I would like in this reorganizing project so in order not to shut down creatively I really am working on making pretty things in a messy arena!!!

I almost forgot to show you a little corner where I made some progress. This is a ribbon rack we made from rain gutters, under the cleanest neatest shelf in my studio so far. Maybe tomorrow I will post something a bit more creative. :) Nan