Saturday, January 2, 2010

Blog Silence

No.....I haven't run off to Paris or fallen down a well. But I've experienced several very painful personal losses since November as well as a surgery earlier this year that is taking far too long(IMHO) to recover from. I've been trying to push through these times by painting and journaling. But I'm just not the type of artist who paints or journals their pain or darkness. I love pretty flowery girly happy art for the most part. So I have come to the conclusion I need to take a break from my blog for a bit while I work through this period of my life. I'm sure my imagination and creativity will come swooping back in when I have worked through these times. I will spend some time with family and work on other projects which sorely need attention.

I have been encouraged and inspired by the wonderful friends and fellow artists who have visited my blog as well as my amazing friends in real life. Often the encouraging comments or emails you write have inspired me so much and I can't thank you enough for that. Who knew I would find such talented and good friends here? So I'll say good bye for a while and will stop by your blogs when I get a chance because you all inspire me so much. Happy creating and I know I'll be creating and back here again when the time is right.

Forever In My Heart...Little Girl