Friday, February 27, 2009

Labor Of Love

Well I've rallied and decided to redo my some of my blog manually. Fortunately I've always had notebooks. I love notebooks and diaries and journals full of inspirations, thoughts, ideas, favorite things....etc. and I had printed out parts of my blog that I especially liked and kept it in a notebook/ journal of sorts for some of my friends and family who DO NOT "do" computer but wanted to see what I was doing on this mysterious thing called a blog. While I am so sorry to have lost all the lovely comments that were left for me and artists blogs I found through those comments, I'm sure I will find them again while doing challenges and classes. I already know many of them by now anyway.
So...I will be backing up my blog from now on if I can figure out how to do this.....mind you Blogger has not been very helpful in this area but hey..they offer a free service and probably figure if you are inept enough to delete your own blog you are past help! And it could not possibly have been an error on their end..uh uh no way ! LOL... but in the meanwhile you know I'll be keeping the paper version going! goes......

My very first post went something like this.....

Oh my gosh I loved these shoes.....still one of my favorite projects!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bittersweet Cherries

Ah well...sometimes you should just leave well enough alone. I was "tweaking" my blog and LOST all my previous posts. Power surge? My goof? The universe telling me to create new stuff? no tears's a new beginning, a fresh start.
I've been enjoying painting again...a renewed interest of mine and I will probably post some up here as I finish them. Maybe.....have to see if I can still paint. LOL!

I made these pretty beads when Gayle and I were at Lucy's making stuff. She is doing a demonstration on this technique at our next altered art group but I was impatient and and asked for an early lesson. She's such a good friend :) These were the result. I love love how they turned out. They remind me of bittersweet chocolate and cherries. I am going to use them on the cover of my aRt jOuRnaL. I've been taking a journal class with Pam Carriker and that has really helped me loosen up and enjoy being creative again.