Friday, January 3, 2014

Paint a little everyday

Working on a door journal page...just my cup of tea. Enjoying the challenge of working daily. Amazing how difficult it is to find 15 minutes sometimes!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stampington National Craft Month Prompt

Prompt number 8 was "something you made that needed Mod Podge " . This piece took a lot of MP to collage the background paper. It was a little thicker paper than I normally collage with.  I loved the way it turned out though.

Another Project For Stampington's National Craft Month

I had fun doing this little series of cupcakes for people. This was my favorite color combo in bright yellow and blue. I'm working on an alphabet series of cupcakes now and they will be in my etsy shop soon. I do custom alphabet cupcakes for gifts for people a lot. Alphabet series are one of my favorite types of art.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fun Projects Revisited For Stampington's Pinterst Project

I'm posting the pictures of previously shown projects that I am pinning on Stampington's new Pinterest board. It is for National Craft Month. They are giving a daily prompt on their Twitter feed. I really never thought I'd do Twitter but as in all things progress! I am working on a new line of art for my shop and things are changing a lot but it's exciting. Anyway here are some projects I am pinning.

Prompt # 2 was Vibrant Colors. Here is my entry.

Prompt #6 Wearable Art ...I always loved making these shoes so that is my entry for wearable art....

I'll add a few things every day to catch up......

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Coming Out Of Hibernation With A Smile

Happy New Years to everyone ! It was a challenging year and feels like I've been away for so long. I'm finally feeling a smidgen of creativity working it's way to the surface of my mind this weekend. I was peeking around at different blogs yesterday and got very inspired. I read a quote on Sarah Ahearn's blog. It's by John O'Donohue and it really sums up my feelings for the past year as we make our way into the new.

We bless this year for all we learned,

                                                           For all we loved and lost

                                                  And for the quiet way it brought us

                                                  Nearer to our invisible destination......
                                                            ~ John O'Donohue ~

We  enjoyed a quiet relaxing holiday week. Movies and reading. Some organizing of art supplies. Phonecalls with old friends. Cooking some new and some very old recipes. I made my mom's stuffed pepper recipe tonight and it turned out so good. I have fond memories of her making this. She always put raisins in them ! So good!  I hope everyone is having a relaxing and enjoyable weekend as well. Life has calmed down for me finally and I so look forward to renewed creativity in 2012 . Thinking about visiting all of your wonderful inspirational blogs once again makes me happy also. Happy new Year ! :-) Nan


Friday, September 9, 2011

Still Here.... Not Really Art Related However

Every so often I go on a blog break. Sometimes it is because I just need a break from the computer. Sometimes it's because I am having health issues. Most recently it was a death in our family that just broke our hearts. My brother's beautiful wife, Beth, passed away in August. It was, to quote another person touched by her, an epiphany, for many of us. Personally I have spent some time reevaluating my life. How I spend time daily. My blog. My art. The people I choose to have around me. I think that's probably normal when awful things happen with seemingly no rhyme or reason.Through all this I have learned to really appreciate the friends who are there when you need them. And my wonderful husband. Time is just too precious to waste a moment of it.
I had just started taking Melody Ross's Soul Restoration class and it seems to parallel many of the feelings I'm having. I'm still working on that class. I highly recommend it. I put a picture of the cover below.

I also started a photography class this week with Candace Stringham called "Oh Shoot" and boy, do I love that. The world seems to take on a new face through the eyes of a camera lense.
Here's my first class assignment. A picture from the everyday. Something you walk by without paying attention too. Oh and how to blur the background!

I can't wait to learn more and more about my camera.

So my blog has been neglected a bit but I really do enjoy it and will pick back up slowly. I was reading a fellow blogger's dilemma about posting things other than what the regular reader has come to expect. She has struggled a bit with taking her blog off course from it's original content and adding personal posts in the mix. And I can relate. I've always tried not to get too personal either. It can be hard to read about someone else's pain when you are expecting a piece of art or having a tough day yourself. Maybe time is limited and you don't want to read about non art related subjects. I can understand that. But what I've discovered is that most people can benefit from a kind or encouraging word. And I like my blogging friends and I always wonder what happened to someone when they have been posting or participating in a challenge or class and suddenly disappear so I am going to include some personal posts from now on as well as some photography....I'll just make sure my post titles reflect the content in case it's not the day you need to be reading about my latest interest or life interruptions. :) Nan

Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Of Color - Purple Queen

I really enjoyed doing the Summer Of Color challenge this week. I have been away from my studio and didn't think I would be able to do this week's color challenge. Which is purple, a color that ranks high in my favorites! Anyway today I was leaving some comments on last weeks challenge and when I went to Lisa's blog at Sugar Creek I was so inspired by her beautiful journal work that I thought I'd get out my dusty journal that I always carry and almost never play with. So I made my first journal page in a long time. I have been singing this song , all week as it is in my car CD player and because I love it. It seemed perfect for purple. I bought some wonderful sheer polka dot tape at JoAnns while traveling and love it. It's very wide unlike washi tape and very sticky! The spirals are clear packaging of something I bought somewhere and the background paints are old tubes of Lil Davis Metallic Shades in Mint and Sweet Pea. Anyway lots of fun ! Thanks Kristin and Lisa!

I'll be visiting everyone whenever I have internet...look forward to seeing everyones as always! :) Nan

EDIT...I added the stars I forgot. Before I glue down 5 gazillion stars tell me better with or with out stars ? Also the song is Going To California by Led Zepplin. It's one of their rare acoustic song and is so pretty!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Of Color Red Shoes Rerun

I'm going to be out of town for a few weeks so I'm preposting a rerun this week of one of my very favorite red altered art projects. I won't have much computer time but I promise to catch up with everyone as soon as possible! :) Nan

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Of Color .. Little Brown Nest

Well, I do not know where this week went. Sometimes you blink and a week has passed! It's time for Summer Of Color at Kristins and I made a small piece this week. I usually do 6x6 or 8x8 but I really felt like working smaller this week. I was originally thinking inchie but this little nest is only 2x2.... I added a pop of color in the eggs.

I have a calm ( knock on wood) week ahead so I hope to get back in my studio and back to my blog. I've missed seeing what everyone has been doing this week. :) Nan

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Of Color...Lemon Fairy Cupcake

Kristin's Summer Of Color challenge is all about yellow this week. Hummm...yellow....not usually my favorite color to work with. But after a few crumpled sketches I came up with this and had fun doing it. I might even like yellow, a little bit more now. Bring it on orange! ( my least favorite color of all!) I thought I'd share a bit of my creative process with you this week too. I think it's fun to see how people come up with their ideas sometimes. Can't wait to see what everyone does this week.