Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stampington National Craft Month Prompt

Prompt number 8 was "something you made that needed Mod Podge " . This piece took a lot of MP to collage the background paper. It was a little thicker paper than I normally collage with.  I loved the way it turned out though.

Another Project For Stampington's National Craft Month

I had fun doing this little series of cupcakes for people. This was my favorite color combo in bright yellow and blue. I'm working on an alphabet series of cupcakes now and they will be in my etsy shop soon. I do custom alphabet cupcakes for gifts for people a lot. Alphabet series are one of my favorite types of art.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fun Projects Revisited For Stampington's Pinterst Project

I'm posting the pictures of previously shown projects that I am pinning on Stampington's new Pinterest board. It is for National Craft Month. They are giving a daily prompt on their Twitter feed. I really never thought I'd do Twitter but as in all things progress! I am working on a new line of art for my shop and things are changing a lot but it's exciting. Anyway here are some projects I am pinning.

Prompt # 2 was Vibrant Colors. Here is my entry.

Prompt #6 Wearable Art ...I always loved making these shoes so that is my entry for wearable art....

I'll add a few things every day to catch up......